Productivity Apps & Tools

When Do for Apple Watch®

A complication for Apple Watch that shows how long until or since an event of your choosing right on your watch face.

When Do is a stand-alone watch app, if you install it via your phone and it doesn't show up on your watch then open the App Store on your watch, scroll to the bottom and select Account then Purchased and download When Do from there.

HA Menu for MacOS®

A Mac OS Menu Bar app to perform common Home Assistant functions.

Wear Codes for Wear OS®

Wear Codes is an easy way to bring up a handy list of barcodes on your watch for scanning without taking out your phone, use it for paying in Starbucks®, Costa®, Subway®, loyalty cards, boarding passes, sharing your contact details, web sites or just some useful text.
Manage the list of codes on the mobile app and have them appear in a list for easy access on your watch.
Scan an existing card using the built in barcode scanner or type your data in manually.
Import screenshots with barcodes from other apps.
Add existing barcodes, web site addresses and other data straight from email, web pages or other apps via their Share menu.

FAQ Page

App Links

Get links to the Play Store for the apps you already have installed and share them with friends/social media/anything else you can share to on your phone.
Google Nearby support allows you to easily share app links between people in the same room or your own devices. No exchange of email addresses required, just running App Links near each other is enough to share your app links.
No Ads or limitations, totally free.

Bar Tasks

Bar Tasks is a task reminder app that always stays in your notification bar so every time you look at your phone you see the task.
A range of icons are available so you can choose one that most suits your task. Tasks remain in your bar until you deliberately remove them, no mistaken swiping away important reminders.
Add new tasks quickly from an optional persistent notification or by launching the application.

Grocery Sum

A two in one shopping estimator and list.
Press a combination of buttons to quickly add the approximate value of each item you put in your basket keeping a rough total. Auto memory to add the last item combination again.
Switch to the list tab and see your shopping list, crossing off items as you add them to your basket.
Items are grouped into categories. You can create/edit categories and change the order they appear to match the layout of your store.
Favourites list so you can add items you regularly shop for without typing them in again.

Tasker Tap Wear

This app is a Tasker plugin to trigger a vibration pattern on the wearable device only, for a discreet notification tap where a popup is not required.
To use it create a new Tasker task and add TTW from the plugins. You'll be able to change the type of vibration tap within the configuration screen.


A plugin for Logitech Media Server to allow playing of live radio streams from TVHeadend.

LMS Slim Snippets for Visual Studio Code

Snippets for Logitech Media Server dev, provides both perl and html snippets to help with common slim dev tasks.